Wednesday, February 24, 2016

3 Great Apps on Android Smartphone Its Worth a Try

Android gadget is a new ruling on mobile technology today. This is because the Android phone manufactured and packaged as a smart engine that can be used as a means of sharing its appropriate purposes.

With the increasing number of application developers who use the Android Smartphone phenomenon so many applications that can support a gadget as the likely new device as below.

1. How to make Android smart phone into a remote TV and AC

One of the advantages is the android mobile phones can be used as a TV remote control, simply by using your android mobile phones can replace the function of the remote. Android phone can also be remote variety of electronic equipment using the remote, such as DVD players, Air Conditioning, Sound System, Home Theater, and various other electronic devices. Obviously this will allow you to remotely every electronic device you are at home.

However, not all android mobile phones can support these applications. Surely there must have transmitters such as Bluetooth, WiFi and IR or Infra Red. But many of the mobile phone or Android tablet that is equipped with features or remote applications, example just like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z2.

To make the android mobile phones into a remote with the help of third party applications as well as native Android Smartphone application, the following steps.

a. Application Features or Congenital Remote Smartphone
Applications used to Android as a remote lodging of certain vendro there are also universal. For example, models of Android phones from Samsung that can be used as a universal remote, the remote multi-functional and can be used for various types and brands of electronic devices such as Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba and others. While the application is used to activate the remote function is the default phone application that WatchON.

Let's see How to Create a Mobile / Android phone so remote TV or AC the following:
  • Run the application on your device WatchOn
  • Then select your country
  • Select the pay-TV channel you use, if no, you can select only Indovision
  • Select Skip and Agree
  • Next will come a remote-shaped icon, then click on the icon for your TV set.
  • Then click Continue to perform the Setting
  • The next step is choosing the brand of TV you're using
  • If this page does not exist for the brand of your TV, then click Show Other Brands
  • If your TV has chosen brands, click the Power button to turn on your TV.
  • Remember, if you can turn on the TV perfectly clicks YES, This Code One Work. If you can not live, click Send This Code One Again to repeat
  • Then click MY TV (Brand TV)
  • Finally click DONE. All the processes have been completed, and you're ready to use your Android Phone as Remote TV.

b. Assistance Third Party Applications
Usually to connect between smart phones and electronic devices using wifi, bluetooth or infrared. But the android smart phone that have not been supplied by this remote feature, can turn Android into a remote TV or Air Conditioning by utilizing Applications are available at google play store. Even the development of technology, several brands of electronic devices already provide software that can connect your Android smart phone into an electronic device made by them.

There are many remote applications available on google play store one of which is the IR Remote.

Check out the full tutorial below.
  • Download and Install the IR Remote app on google play store through your android smart phone.
  • Wait until the process is complete and run the application.
  • You will find several menu, select IR Database and then select the brand of your television. Eg. Panasonic or LG.
  • Next you'll be taken to an interface like a TV remote.
  • Through the interface or the interface you can change TV channels or change the volume.

In addition there are also applications IR Remote or Samsung IR Universal Remote. Interestingly this Power7-made applications can not only be used for the TV remote only, but some electronic devices such as Television, DVD player, Media Player, Xbox 360, Wifi and many others. Remote application of this one-size of 1.9 MB and is compatible with Android OS 2.2 and above.

2. Making android as pc mic with Wo Mic

Womic is an application to make your android phone as a microphone for the pc can be used for chatting, video calling, recording and also can be used for karaoke on PC.

This application support Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, a connection which can be connected between Android Phones with a PC / laptop there are three, namely:

- Bluetooth
- WiFi

How to Install:
  1. Download the app for android HP first in the play store
  2. Download the driver and client program for the PC on its official website here after the install process to finish.
  3. Open WoMic in HP android app and then select the settings menu and select one of the connections that would be connected to a PC, for example, I use the WiFi connection and then back and press the start button at the top.
  4. Open WoMic client application on the PC later select the connection - connect ... then will appear select transport, sample select only the content no WiFi and IP address of your PC (adjust no ip addresses that specified in the HP android) and click ok.
  5. If you are connected trying to test your voice, if your voice has been heard in speaker means you have succeeded.
This tips on how to make your Android Phone as a mic PC / laptop, good luck.

3. Intel Remote Keyboard for Android Smartphones

Intel engaged in the field of technology usually make the hardware, this time we can meet to make an application for a remote keyboard. Not only the keyboard but also mouse.
Can be controlled from Android smart phone. This application is made basically for the Intel Mini PC so users do not have to carry a keyboard and mouse, but enough with Android devices can now use the virtual keyboard and mouse. To use Intel Remote Keyboard must be connected to the same WiFi connection.